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From: KC Woods
Sent: Wednesday, July 8, 2020 6:10 PM
To: Jenny Gluck
Subject: RE: Students

Hi Jenny,
Students can still be referred directly to me for their technology needs. We can assist with Syracuse Responds funds which can assist grad or undergrad students. I would most likely not approve students who are in online programs, as they are aware of the program requirements before starting. I am open to assisting with any technology required by a fall semester class that the students will not have access to. If the student is on campus and there is access to computer labs or loaner equipment, we may be less willing to provide assistance than we were in the spring when campus was completely disrupted. The students should also already be receiving need based financial aid though.
I would ask that professors be willing to provide the student with documentation if requested that the technology is required and not more powerful/expensive than needed (we do not want to cover a $1500 Wacom tablet if a $250 one would be sufficient). Documentation that we would accept would be a letter from the professor/department chair, syllabus that shows minimum required technology, or ITS documented requirements. This would asked for if the request is more than just basic level requirements.
Let me know if any other information would be helpful.

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