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*New for Fall 2017, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra will be utilized as the integrated classroom web conferencing application for lectures and online meetings in Blackboard and Adobe Connect will be utilized as Syracuse University's supported web conferencing application that provides the delivery of real-time meetings. For more information on the use of classroom web conferencing, read Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

To utilize Adobe Connect Pro 9.5, users only need a Flash-enabled web browser (Google Chrome/Safari are recommended) and an Internet connection to participate in these synchronous online sessions. Adobe Connect Pro allows the flexibility to deliver rich content, including streaming audio, video, and software demonstrations. Additionally, this Adobe Connect offers various collaboration tools that can be customized to facilitate various lecture, training, and meeting situations. Any content you upload into a meeting room content is automatically maintained for future sessions, which dramatically reduces preparation time. There is also a recording feature that allows later review and archiving of meetings.

In a typical web conference many tools can be available for participants, including audio, video, and real-time sharing of computer desktops, applications and documents by all participants. This enables more effective experiences than are possible with simple audio/video chats or conference calls. And, since web conferences use the internet and desktop computers, they are more widely accessible and much less costly than traditional video conferences, which require specialized equipment and dedicated facilities, and often lack collaboration tools.

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How do I get an Adobe Connect account?

All faculty, student, and staff already have accounts in the Adobe Connect Pro system. To create a meeting and begin using Adobe Connect Pro open your web browser and navigate to the following URL in your web browser: Login using your NetID login and password.

Is there a cost associated with Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect Pro is available for all faculty, students, and staff at Syracuse University. The University's schools, colleges, and departments all contribute money for the purchase of this application.

How can I download the Adobe Connect Add-in for the Camera?

As a new Adobe Connect user, you will be prompted to install an Adobe Connect add-in for your camera and microphone. The Add-in can be installed in two ways. First, it can be automatically installed during a meeting - you will be prompted to accept the download upon attempting to screen share or use functionality that requires the Add-in. This is the most common way to install the Add-in. For Safari users, you can follow the steps on the Adobe Connect Add-in page. For Google Chrome users, the add-in will prompt you for permission to download the Flash plug-in. After accepting the download, it will add it directly to the browser. 

How can I download the Adobe Connect Add-in for Screen Sharing?

For the latest version of Adobe Connect, their is a faster plugin that has been added that users must utilize. On Google Chrome Browsers, when you share your screen, you will get a prompt to download and install the Add-in (or "Lightning download"). Select yes and it will download the plugin to your session and reload the page. For Safari users, you can download the plug-in and install the plugin-in on your computer.

*Please do not use Internet Edge (Explorer) or Mozilla FireFox Browsers when using Adobe Connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting FAQs and the Acrobat Connect Pro User Community for assistance with frequently asked questions.

Does Syracuse University Offer Instructor Led Training for Adobe Connect Pro 9.5?

Yes. Both Online Learning Services and Learning Environments, divisions of ITS, offer scheduled and non-scheduled Adobe Connect 9 training. If you are interested in learning more and want to set up some training simply send an email to and the appropriate group will get in touch with you.

Also, as a customer of Clarix Technologies, all members of the SU community are entitled to register for free online training to better prepare for using this technology. Additionally, Adobe Systems offers online seminars.

System Requirements

Test your computer to make sure that your computer meets the hardware and software requirements for participating in an Adobe® Connect meeting. Review the Technical Specifications for Adobe Connect to see a list of supported operating systems and web browsers.

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