Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

There are several pods available to you in Adobe Connect. Pods allow you to add various features to your online meeting room. Below is a list of available Adobe Connect pods.

Click on the name of a pod to learn more.



Allows you to share documents, your desktop, specific windows, and whiteboards.


Allows you to write and display notes in your meeting room.


Shows a list of all attendees in the meeting room, including participants, presenters, and hosts.


Allows you and others in your meeting room to share their webcam.

Video Telephony

Lets hosts share video streams with attendees, including any audio. When one-way communication is sufficient for a presentation, a telephony stream can be preferable to a two-way conference.


Allows meeting room attendees to participate in a group and/or private chat.


Allows you to share downloadable files with attendees.

Allows you to share web links with attendees in the meeting room.


Allows you to create and ask poll questions during the online meeting.


You can use a Q&A pod to answer questions posed by attendees. When a presenter answers a question, the question and answer appear as pairs in the Q&A pod.

Engagement Dashboard

As a presenter or host in a seminar, an event, a meeting, or a virtual classroom use the Engagement Dashboard to view participants’ attention and interactivity levels. Participant interactivity data provides a real-time visual cue to the effectiveness of the virtual classroom or webinar.