Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro


The application provides the University with a whole new set of collaborative opportunities (e.g. audio, video, desktop sharing, and whiteboard updates) for scheduled group discussions among any of the campus community members including students, faculty, and staff as they choose to communicate with others both on and off campus.

Some possible uses for the application include:

  • create an enhanced learning space not bound by physical space;
  • provide synchronous and asynchronous online lectures;
  • create collaborative content-building sessions;
  • improve communication and collaboration for hybrid classes mixed with online and on-campus students;
  • enable communication with others from off campus to meet for recruitment and advising;
  • enable our community to run department meetings, committees, research reviews, or present as guest speakers;
  • provide online training and professional development by tying it with Blackboard; and
  • provide virtual office hours.


There are many schools using the software in the ways we have suggested, but one has even used it to provide an online guided tour of the University over the web, including testimonials and created interactive maps. Others are using it to create an online showcase of art, research and history, and a repository of stories creating a place to record history.

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