Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

These are suggestions for various types of hardware that can be used with Adobe Connect Pro web conferencing.


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For best results using Adobe Connect, please use a USB headset/microphone. This will minimize or eliminate feedback or extraneous background noise. Below are examples from Logitech that are recommended, though many other high quality options are available at reasonable prices.


When using Adobe Connect having a webcam is necessary to share video of yourself. Adobe Connect recognizes and utilizes many built-in or USB webcams. Below are examples of what Learning Environments staff members use:


Much like sharing video of yourself with Adobe Connect, to share audio you will need a microphone either built-in or interfaced with your computer. Many webcams and headsets have built-in microphones. Below are examples of microphones that Learning Environments staff members use:

***Please note that different microphones should be used in different settings. Microphones listed are conference style microphones. For best results use the best microphone for your situation; conference microphone for 2-15 people participating in a quiet conference room, headset microphone for 1 person participating in a noisy environment, and webcam/built-in microphone for 1-2 persons participating in a very quiet environment.

Phone Bridge


  • Telecommunications can help with land line audio conference bridges.
  • Telecommunications can help you reserve and setup up a Verizon number that has a passcode. It appears that you will pay $.03 per minute per user for this phone bridge.

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