Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

Hosts can record Adobe Connect meetings and access them at a later time. Instructors often use the Record feature as a way to record their voice while advancing through a PowerPoint presentation, and then distribute their recoding to students via a web link. Every time you record an Adobe Connect meeting, a URL is generated with the contents of the recording.

Recording in Adobe Connect

  1. In your Adobe Connect meeting room, ensure your audio is working properly by running the Audio Setup Wizard.
  2. Click on Meeting.
  3. Click on Record Meeting.
    Meeting menu then record meeting
  4. In the Record Meeting box, enter a name for your recording.
  5. A red recording icon will appear on the right side of the menu bar to indicate that the meeting is being recorded.
    Recording notification
    1. You can pause an ongoing recording by clicking the Pause button. Anything you do during the time you pause the recording is not recorded.
  6. To stop recording, click on Meeting and select Stop Recording.
  7. The meeting recording is saved and is available for playback at any time.

Viewing Recordings of an Adobe Connect Session