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Adobe seminars and tips

  1. There are Adobe e-seminars that you can attend found at Adobe Seminars
  2. Self paced tutorials and tips can be found here: Adobe Acrobat Connect
  3. Online Seminars from Adobe

Clarix Online Training and Support

As a customer of Clarix Technologies, SU faculty and students can register for online training which can be done by going to the Clarix training page and sign up for one of their weekly sessions.

Adobe Connect Pro Online Training

Adobe offers online, in person training every week. There is a Adobe Connect User Page but the general information, taken from their web page, is below:

Adobe is now offering regular, online training sessions for Connect Pro users of all levels. You can attend these free sessions to grow your own product knowledge or make them available to your user communities to help them become more proficient with the product. Among the available sessions are:

Getting Started with Acrobat Connect Pro eSeminar This session provides a quick overview of how to use Acrobat Connect Pro. Learn how to set up your Personal Meeting Room and how to effectively use Acrobat Connect Pro for small team collaboration or large-scale meetings, presentations, trainings, and online events.
Frequency: Sessions are held Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10am-11am Pacific Time (UTC/GMT -7)
*Registration URL:*Register here

Connect Pro Beyond the Basics eSeminar In this session you will learn how to use Acrobat Connect Pros advanced features, including how to customize a meeting room, recording, using a web camera, creating polls, screen sharing, breakouts and much, much more. This session will be interactive, allowing you to try some of Connect Pros advanced features and ask questions to the presenter.

This eSeminar is a follow-up to the Getting Started with Connect Pro eSeminar. We encourage you to attend the Getting Started eSeminar before registering for this one.
Frequency: Sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-11am Pacific Time (UTC/GMT -7)
*Registration URL:*Register Here

20 Tips and Tricks in 30 Minutes eSeminar Learn tricks and shortcuts for using Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. This session will help you maximize productivity and keep your audience engaged. This 30-minute session focuses on tips and tricks gathered by Connect Pro experts to help make your virtual meeting, event, or training session a true success.
Frequency: Sessions are held every month
*Registration URL:*Register Here

Adobe Webinars

Adobe also hosts a series of special topic webinars, training webinars, and on demand prerecorded webinars to help you sharpen your skills. Check the Adobe Webinars here

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