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Table of Contents

What is Answers?

Answers is a knowledgebase of technical self-help information. Content focuses on SU systems and technical services and includes solutions to common problems, how-to’s, FAQs, tips, and configuration advice. 

Many people have contributed to the information in Answers. While ITS's plan is to eventually check and moderate all content, we cannot currently guarantee the accuracy or relevance of all content.

Finding Information

In the search box you may enter any combination of words to receive a list of hits. Every page in Answers contains a search box in the upper right-hand corner to search pages and attachments.

Search Field 

For more searching tips: Searching Answers

As you navigate deeper into Answers, you may find yourself wondering where you are. One of the easiest ways to find out is to look at the "breadcrumbs." . Breadcrumbs let you go up levels in the page hierarchy to move around Answers.  To see the "breadcrumbs," click on the dotted arrow above the page title.

Space and Breadcrumbs 

A list containing the pages above the current page in the page hierarchy will be displayed.  Click on any of the links in the list to move to that location.

Expanded Breadcrumbs 

You can also browse related pages by expanding out levels in the grey sidebar on the left. 

Child-page view

While the sidebar is collapsed you will have an option to view child pages quickly.

Child Pages Menu

Page-tree view

Expand the sidebar to view the whole page tree. Click the button at the bottom of the sidebar to expand the menu.

Sidebar with Expand Button

Also note that pages can be expanded to so more child pages by clicking the arrow next to the page if present.

Page Tree with Expand Arrows


Spaces hold related information.  To view a list of all spaces available on Answers, click on the "bars" icon to the left of the search box in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then select "spaces."    You may see a different list of spaces depending on whether you are logged into Answers or not. 

Spaces Menu

You will get a list of spaces organized by category ( ITS, General Computing, Colleges, Other SU).  Expand out the categories to see a list of spaces within that category and then select a space.


Popular Pages

The "Popular Pages" link in the upper toolbar will take you to a quick list of frequently viewed pages organized by alumni, applicants, students, and guests.


Restricted Content

Some information is only available if you have permissions to view it.  Log into using your netid and password to find additional information.  You can use the "Log in" link in the upper right hand corner of the screen to log into Answers.


Answers is Available on the internet is a publicly available system run by ITS-AASC at SU. Anyone on the internet can view the content unless it has been specifically restricted (by default, content is not restricted).  Private or personal information should not be included in Answers. 

Watching Pages

For information on how to turn off "Autowatch" or stop/start watching a page:  Watching Pages

Creating Content

Editing Policy, Glossary and Labels

Only users who have specifically been assigned rights in Answers to edit/create content can modify Answers information. 

ITS has access rights to change pages at their discretion without consent from the author, editors or contributors at any time, if the page does not follow or meet SU or Answers guidelines and policies.

  • Adding offensive/malicious material (even in personal or restricted spaces) will not be tolerated.

Please visit the Answers editing policy before creating content on Answers:  Editing Policy

Creating Content on Answers

If you have permission to create content on Answers, you can find help on adding/editing pages here:  Creating Content


Contact Us

If you cannot find the answers you need, request help by contacting the ITS Help Desk at or by calling (315) 443-2677 (see Support Services for hours of support).  You can also fill out the web form at:  Request Help

To request a change to a page, suggest new content for answers, comment on the system, or seek additional assistance, contact the ITS Help Desk at (315) 443-2677 or send an email to