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To use columns on a page, you need to first define a vertical "section" on the page using the section macro. You can then insert one or more columns into that section using the column macro.

Add a section to a page:

  1. Edit the page
  2. Select "Insert" on the toolbar
  3. Select "Other Macros"
  4. Search for "Section"
  5. Select the "Section" macro

Select Macro Browser Dialog with Section Macro Higlighted

The screen for the section macro will now appear. You can elect to add a border to the section and any columns within it by checking the "Show border" box.

Edit Section Macro Dialog

Add column macros inside the section macro

  1. Select "Insert" on the toolbar while your cursor is positioned inside the section element on the page
  2. Select "Other Macros"
  3. Search for "Column"
  4. Select the "Column" macro
  5. Set the width of column by using percentage of the screen width or a fixed size in pixels

Insert Column Macro Dialog with Column Width

You can add text inside the column element that now appears on the page. All content within a section must be inside a column macro element
- you cannot have content outside a column.

When you add more columns to the same section, be sure to position your cursor inside the section element but outside the previous column element (otherwise, you will nest the new column inside the existing column).

Here is the edit view of a page with three columns defined:

In page editor Section with Three Column fields