Kaltura Capture is a desktop application that is installed on all managed Syracuse University computers. It's used to create, edit, and share media for presentations and lectures. 

If this is your first time opening Kaltura it will prompt you to start Kaltura from the website. 

Go to video.syr.edu and log in with your NetID credentials in the top right-hand corner. Once logged in, click on "ADD NEW" and then "Kaltura Capture" as shown in the following image:

If the application is already installed on your computer OR you have opened the program in the past, open Kaltura by either searching for it in the Windows search bar at the bottom left of your screen or by opening the Start menu and scrolling until you find the Kaltura program.

Next, if the following image does not pop up on your screen, click "New recording" to prepare for your session. Note: This does not start the recording; it will open the following window to allow you to prepare to start your new session.

This toolbar allows you to prepare your session under three main tabs: screen, camera, and audio. 

Under the "Screen" tab, selecting the "Full Screen" option allows the session to capture your entire screen. This means anyone who will be watching the video will see the entire screen and what you are doing, even if you switch to a different application (Ex. using PowerPoint and then opening a Word document).

If you select "Select Area" instead of "Full Screen", you will see the following appear:

The white dotted line box shows what area will be captured during your recording session. You can also change the size of the area by clicking on the arrow next to the size.

Under the "Camera" tab, you can choose which camera to use for your session, if you have more than one available.

Under the "Audio" tab, you can choose which microphone to use for your session, if you have more than one available.

At any point if you would like to stop recording you screen, camera, or audio, you can click on the blue icon of the option you would like to turn off.

When off the option/options you currently have off will become greyed out and show a line going through the icon. 
Once off, if you would like to turn the option back on, click on the greyed-out icon and the option will turn back on. 

Recording Your Session

Once you are ready to start recording your session, press the red button to begin:

If you need to pause the recording but you are not yet finished, press the pause button to temporarily pause your recording; when you are ready to resume recording press the red button:

When you are finished recording your session, press the stop button; it will then ask "Are you sure you want to stop this recording?" End the recording by clicking on "Yes, Stop it":

After you stop the recording of your session you will see the following page appear: 

This is where you will change the name of your session to the title you would like, add a description of the session, or add any tags to the video. 

Once all the information is filled out to your liking, you will have the option to "Save" or "Save & Upload".

when clicking "Save" you are saving the session you recorded to the computer you are using, and you can upload the video at a later date. If you choose to "Save & Upload" you will save the video but immediately start to upload it to your online Kaltura account at video.syr.edu. 

If you save your session without uploading, you will see the following screen:

If you click "Save & Upload", it will immediately start uploading your session to your online account:

To upload your video session, open the Kaltura application again on your computer and click "Upload" on the relevant session:

Once uploaded, it will show you all the corresponding information for your video session, including the link to share the video:

Additional Information

For more information about starting to use Kaltura, please watch the video at Kaltura Walkthrough.

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