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  1. Open SURA and connect to the SU Network.
  2. Enter  in the Computer box and click Connect.

  3.  Enter your SU username and password. Your username is entered in the format: ad\NetID. 

     If you receive a message "Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because an error occurred on the remote computer..." when trying to connect, this means that all remote computers are in use. Please try again later.

     If you receive a message "Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons..." check to make sure you started the VPN first.

    If you receive a message "The remote computer that you are trying to connect to requires Network Level Authentication (NLA)...", make sure you add "ad\" in front of your NetID when entering credentials.

  4. Select Yes

  5. After you are done with your remote session, please select Start Start button > select user icon  > select Sign out.

  6. Another way to exit the remote session is to click on the X, located on the blue bar at the top of your screen, which appears when you hover the mouse near the top edge.

  7. Please remember to disconnect from the SU network. In the SURA utility, click File > Exit And Disconnect.

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