If you have already left campus and need to add your files to the archive, see the following instructions on how to access the G drive:


Note that you can't just copy/paste your files directly from your computer into the remote computer. You will need to upload them to OneDrive or Google Drive, then on the remote computer, sign into OneDrive or Google Drive and retrieve them.

If you are still unable to access the G drive, you may alternatively:

  1. Upload your files to https://wormhole.app or https://wetransfer.com

  2. Send the download link to archit@syr.edu

  3. Include a note on where to place your files in the archive. We need to know:
    1. ARC course number
    2. faculty name

If you don't send this info, we will have to contact you, and this will delay the process.

Contact us at archit@syr.edu if you have questions.

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