NOTE: videos shared with this method can be viewed but not downloaded. To enable downloading, extra steps must be done.

Zoom cloud recordings are automatically copied to your Mediaspace account at You can share them or other uploaded videos as unlisted links using these steps.

  1. Login to with your NetID credentials.
  2. Click on your name in the upper right and choose 'My Media' to see a list of your videos.

  3. For the video you wish to share, click the small pencil icon to the right.

  4. Beneath the video, click the Publish tab, then choose Unlisted and click Save.

  5. Click "< Back to Media Page" above the video.

  6. Beneath the video, click the Share tab. The unlisted link appears under the Link to Media Page. Copy and share the link as you see fit. Only people with the link can view the video. 

  7. If you wish to disable sharing, go back to step 4 and change the setting to Private.
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