Use these free tools to extract the audio from an mp4 video and automatically transcribe it into a Word document.

Step 1 - extract the audio to an mp3.
Step 2 - transcribe the mp3 using Word.

Step 1. Use VLC Media Player to extract the audio to an mp3 file

  • Click Media > Convert/Save
  • Click the Add button and browse to select the file.
  • Click Convert/Save to bring up the Convert window. Set the Profile to Audio-MP3 and click the wrench icon.
  • On the Enscapsulation tab, select RAW and then click Save.
  • Back on the Convert window, set the Destination file by clicking Browse. You can change the existing name by changing the end to mp3.
  • Now click Start and wait for it convert. The main VLC Player window will show a progress bar, as if you were playing the file.
  • After it's done, look in the destination folder to find your mp3 file.

Step 2. Use Microsoft Word Online to upload and transcribe the mp3 file

  • Start Word in a browser via

  • Create a blank document.

  • On the toolbar click Dictate > Transcribe. On the side panel click Upload audio and browse for the mp3 file.

  • Wait while it uploads to OneDrive. It will then start transcribing, which could take 5+ minutes depending on length.
  • When done, the text will appear in the sidebar. Click the button ‘Add to document’ at the bottom to add to the blank Word doc. You can choose to a few options such as pasting it with speakers and timestamps.

  • The document will be saved to your SU OneDrive account.

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