This method is useful if you are presenting a Powerpoint slide show in a Zoom meeting and you only have a single screen (such as from a laptop). The slides will display in Zoom but only you can see your slide notes.

  • Start or join the Zoom meeting.
  • Open the Powerpoint file and start the slide show so it's full screen.
  • Hover the mouse pointer over the lower left corner of the slide to make the small menubar appear.
  • Click the three dots icon, then click Show Presenter View.

  • Presenter View will open in a new window full screen. Resize the window to make it smaller. You will notice the slide show is still full screen underneath.
  • Now switch back to the Zoom call. Click Share Screen and notice there are separate shareable windows for the slide show and the presentation view. Pick the slide show and that view will be shared into the Zoom meeting.
  • You can keep the Presenter View in a smaller window on top and present from this while your slides will display over Zoom.
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