The VZ-X is more than just a document camera. It is a webcam with built-in mic on an articulating arm. It can be used for web conferencing and pointed at a wall for use with pin-ups or wall-based markups.


The VZ-X camera has built-in wireless, but please do not use the wireless on campus, as it interferes with AirOrangeX. Please keep it disabled by moving the slider switch from Wi-Fi to USB/HDMI.

Using the Ipevo as a second camera in Zoom

  • Make sure the camera is connected to the laptop via a USB cable.
  • Set the Mode Switch to USB/HDMI (not WIFI).
  • In Zoom, click Share Screen > Advanced > Content from 2nd Camera.


  • The camera does not require software to operate. You can use it in Zoom, Teams, etc., immediately after connecting it to the computer via the included USB cable.

  • There is optional software called IPEVO Visualizer (Windows/macOS/Android/iOS) and IPEVO Whiteboard (Android/iOS).

    • Visualizer and Whiteboard cannot be used from phones/tablets on campus with the camera, as they require the camera to be placed in wireless mode, which interferes with the campus wireless network. Please only use off campus. 

    • Visualizer can be used via the USB cable on laptops.

    • Visualizer for Windows/macOS is obtained through the respective app stores; admin access should not be required to install it. If you run into trouble, please contact us at

      • For the Windows version, install the Microsoft Store version to avoid the need for admin credentials.

Charging the battery

  • The battery is integrated into the camera base.
  • Use the included USB cable to connect to a USB charger (charger not included--use a phone charger).

VZ-X Control layout

.Front button layoutRear button layout

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