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We have two methods that are commonly used.

  1. Bomgar Remote Support
    1. Built in chat but good to offer user the option to talk on phone during call.
  2. Windows Quick Assist
    1. Built in chat is pretty bad so usually talk on phone during support.  Could use Notepad as chat but very awkward.
    2. Not usable with macOS.


Technician Setup
  • Download and install the technician client from (sign in with NetID credentials)
  • We have shared license, so when done exit client to free up license for others.
End User
  • Direct end user to and have them click on your name to start the process.
  • Must have technician client running before they visit link or name will not appear.

On Macs, don't elevate! You can elevate as needed while connected normally.

On Macs, Catalina/Big Sur security settings require whitelisting under Security > Accessibility panel.

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