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Visit to access the School's Conceptboard instance. Please refer to Join Syracuse Architecture Conceptboard Team.

Conceptboard is a virtual whiteboard tookit. It is the recommended online visual collaboration platform by the School of Architecture. Conceptboard allows students and faculty to mark up files, participate in online pin-ups and reviews, and collaborate on design. It can be used for project brain storming and for conducting design workshops. The platform's collaboration features include live pointers, a moderator mode, and an easy way to share boards with external guests and critics. This platform also features over 100 templates to kickstart the collaborative process.

Conceptboard works best with most modern standard compliant browsers. When using Conceptboard on a tablet, we recommend using the Chrome browser to view boards instead of the internal/default browser. Ensuring you are using the proper browser while on your tablet will improve your experience and usability on the board.

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Join Syracuse Architecture Conceptboard Team

  1. Syracuse Architecture faculty and students will receive an email to join 'School of Architecture, Syracuse Univ' team on Conceptboard. Please check your SU email ( for the invite.

  2. Please click on  and you will redirected to the following page. Please enter your full name and a unique password, and select Sign up for free.

    Note: If you have already signed up for an account with Conceptboard from Spring 2020 with your SU email, please Log in with your existing account credentials and Confirm joining.

Web Conferencing

Conceptboard has a built-in web conferencing tool, but please use Zoom or Teams instead. (The built-in tool has severe usage limitations and can cause excessive overage charges that the school cannot afford.) Use Conceptboard in conjunction with Zoom or Teams--have participants login to both so that you can see their faces and contributions at the same time.

Student feature-set 

Students can

  • create boards and projects
  • work on boards
  • invite board participants
  • join live sessions
  • chat in boards

Students cannot

  • see other Student team members (e.g., in their users list, or find them in @mentions drop down) until they have worked together in a board
  • start audio/video conferences on any board, no matter what their board roles are

Working with Conceptboard

What's the maximum number of users per board?

"There is no technical limit for a maximum number of users on a board, the 50 users are a mere recommendation from our side to make sure that the board performance does not lag. It does always depend on what the participants are doing on the board (moving around a few sticky notes or uploading gigantic pdf files). We had positive experiences with customers who were having workshops with 180 people all at once on one board, too.

 I would recommend you try it out with 50-100 users and if the board starts lagging, make sure to remove some images and eventually maybe divide up the board into two separate boards."

Tutorials for Syracuse Architecture

Visit Conceptboard - Tips for Architects for more in depth tutorials specifically for SOA.


  • When using the Invite tab under the Sharing feature of a board, you may notice that it doesn't find a name. Try typing the name but do not hit enter--just wait about 5-10 seconds and then the names should pop. This is due to the large size of the school team.


Please contact with login or other issues.

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