Overview of PlayPosit

PlayPosit is an easy-to-use interactive video tool that enables faculty to transform passive learning materials into active learning materials. Please visit SU's PlayPosit page for key introductory information. 

  • Mirroring the Traditional Face-to-Face Classroom

    Passively watching video lectures often misses key components of an in-person class that facilitate student engagement and learning, such as in-class quizzes, exercises, and group activities. PlayPosit helps faculty to create interactive features that mirror the traditional face-to-face classroom, including multiple choice, free response, reflective pause, fill-in-the-blank, polling and discussion forums.

    Besides adding a layer of interactive features to lecture videos, faculty can also ensure that students watch lecture videos in their entirety; player settings in PlayPosit offer various video controls.

  • Easy-to-use Tool

    PlayPosit's intuitive interface makes creating the interactive video easy. After going through the steps below and watching the short tutorial video, faculty and teaching assistants will be ready to create interactive videos for classes.

How to Create Interactive Videos in PlayPosit

This  5-minute video walks you through the steps on how to create an interactive video, or "bulb", in PlayPosit.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Upload a video

Uploading MP4 video files and recording videos are not available with the SU PlayPosit subscription. However, you can upload your videos by using Kaltura MediaSpace. Please visit SU's Kaltura MediaSpace page for more information on uploading media to Kaltura.

You can upload your video or screen/webcam capture using "Express Capture" by logging into Kaltura MediaSpace.

In PlayPosit, you can pull up videos from Kaltura MediaSpace by searching for titles of videos.

Step 2: Add an interactive feature

The screen on the right will play the video once you upload it in Step 1. You can add an interactive feature at a specific time you would like by clicking the highlighted box. 

Then, you can choose different types of interactive features such as multiple-choice answers, short response, discussion, etc.

Each interactive feature has advanced settings to customize. 

Step 3: Choose additional settings

Playback options provide various video controls.

Step 4: Link the video in Blackboard

Once the "bulb" is created in PlayPosit, you can link it to Blackboard. Under the Content, create PlayPosit. Click the PlayPosit content on Blackboard to link a "bulb".

Once it's linked, the students will be directed to the interactive video. Faculty and teaching assistants will be able to watch the preview mode as well.

You can also watch this video tutorial or go to the PlayPosit website for more details.

PlayPosit School of Architecture Use Suggestions

Below are suggestions for possible use of PlayPosit.

  • Lecture Videos: Interactive videos will be most useful for lecture videos to enhance the learning experience for students and improve learning efficacy.
    • Multiple choice or short response questions can be added to substitute for in-class quizzes and give immediate feedback to students so they can check their understanding while viewing lecture videos.

    • Discussion forum interactive features can be added to facilitate discussion on lecture materials amongst students and faculty.

  • Review/ Presentation Settings: In group presentation/reviews (studio, theory, building systems, etc.), having questions for discussion in each presentation/review recording can promote peer-to-peer learning.
    • Discussion forums can be added to gather other students'/groups' thoughts on the reviews/presentations that other students didn't have the opportunity or time to talk about during reviews/presentations.

    • Short response questions can be added to call attention to some interesting points that are worth further thought. In this way, instructors and TAs can also make sure that students still watch others' reviews/ presentations on their own time.