2023 Fall Thesis Archiving

  • Thesis documents should be submitted as an optimized PDF. Keep the file size under 100mb.
  • Please refer to course handouts for details about the Documents, which must be approved by your Advisor(s) before uploading, and must be uploaded to release your grade.

Table of Contents

1. Submit the following

  • Thesis document (PDF)
  • Supplemental materials in these formats:  PDF, JPG, TIF, MP4 (movies)

2. Folder Location

  • G:\ARCH\Archive\Student Work\2023\Fall\508-0x - Arch Design IX - Thesis\
  • G:\ARCH\Archive\Student Work\2023\Fall\998-0x - Design VII Thesis

3. Subfolders

  • Supplemental materials go inside the subfolder “Supplemental”
  • Add a subfolder inside Supplemental. Name it in this format: Lastname-Firstname
  • The thesis document file DOES NOT go inside Supplemental. Just leave it inside the main thesis folder.

4. File Naming

  • Thesis document example
    • 23F-ARC508-01--Thesis Document–alhansfo.pdf
  • Supplemental examples
    • 23F-ARC508-01--chimney–roiovtch.pdf
    • 23F-ARC508-01--Thesis-rendering-03of05--rddesilv.jpg




Always use double-dash “--“NetID(s)**
23F-###-##--sort condition--netid.ext
**By writing every file with your NetID signature as a suffix, IT can more easily retrieve your work if lost.
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