Slocum 402 integrates three cameras to capture the entire classroom for video collaboration.  Use of the three-camera feed as a video source for Zoom Blackboard Collaborate, Skype, or any other video platform requires an additional setup step.  This guide illustrates its use in Zoom, but the steps are the same for selecting a video source in any program.

  1. Before starting the video meeting application, run “OBS Studio,” which appears on the main desktop.

  2. OBS Studio will start and should look like the image below.  If it does not, you may need to contact for assistance.  You can minimize this program, but it must stay open for the three-camera feed (called a “virtual camera”) to be available to other programs.

  3. Make sure that “OBS Camera” is selected as your video source.  This is illustrated below for Zoom; if you are using a different program, set this wherever you select your video source.  When OBS Studio is running, the three individual Logitech cameras are unavailable to Zoom or other video programs.

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