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Here are the steps to connect to your office computer from off campus.

  • Are you sure you need to connect to your office computer? Your files and many useful applications (e.g. MS Office) are available via Terminal Server; connecting  to TS is easier and more reliable. If you have a specific application you want to use remotely you may need to connect to your office desktop. Feel free to ask
  • You must complete Data Security Training, and have that documented, before we may enable Remote Desktop on your office computer. Contact to arrange that.

  • Your computer must be powered on for you to connect.

Step-by-step guide

Download SURA to your Computer

  • Go to the to download the SURA utility. Choose the download tab and download SURA. When prompted, save the sura.exe file to a location you will be able to easily find again on your local computer (such as your desktop or documents folder).
  • There is more information about SURA on the help tab.






Launch SURA

Double-click on the sura.exe file. Enter your SU NetID username and password in the appropriate fields and click Connect.

Enter your office computer's name in the Remote Desktop section of SURA

Press connect

Enter your email address in the user name field, your NetID password in the password field.

Press OK

You will be warned that"The certificate is not from a trusted certifying authority".

Click Yes

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