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Updated February 1, 2021

Whenever possible, Syracuse University's new brand guidelines should be followed, including the visual identity and tone words. They present a unified, consistent look and messaging to the University’s many audiences. The main University brand is supported by the individual sub-units, such as schools and colleges, but not competing with them.

As you review the updated resources below, please note the following:

  • No need to discard printed material with the old branding. When you reorder, you must order with new branding or risk having to reprint at your department’s expense.
  • Electronic/digital content should start incorporating the new branding immediately.

The following gallery summarizes what has changed and what is available for your use. Find examples and illustrations in the Signature System Usage Guide.

MediaValet will now be the primary system to access edited photos and downloadable videos (such as SU stock footage and B-Roll) that you can utilize in your marketing materials. More details on using MediaValet can be found here on Answers.

To learn more about brand-aligned design solutions, watch the brand design workshop presented by the Syracuse University Division of Marketing and Communications.

Questions? Drop us a note.

Wordmark for College of Arts and Sciences

Available on Answers.

Dept wordmark example

Department Identification

Departments and programs no longer have lockups. Use the new A&S wordmark. Leaving noticeable space around it, type the unit name in Sherman Sans. See examples on p.21 of the Signature System [PDF download].

Logos and Social Media Icons

The creation of or continued use of logos (for social media icons, promotional items or academic purposes) is no longer permitted. All logos must be retired. Use a block S for social media icons.

Dept Stationary example


Download e-letterhead on the Answers site, and purchase printed letterhead, business cards, etc., through the eProcurement system.

SU horizontal wordmark

University Wordmark

Primary Syracuse University wordmark available on Answers.

Official brand colors

Official Colors

Download a color sheet. Orange and blue are the new primary University colors. Black and dark gray are both acceptable for body copy. Hyperlinks should be dark orange. The secondary palette offers expanded options for designers.

Email standards example

Email Standards

Email standards for text and signatures.

*See information about A&S 150th signature.

SU MS Office templates

Word and PowerPoint Templates

Word document and memo templates available on Answers. Find PowerPoint templates here.

SU banners etc. for loan

Materials for Loan

Limited number of banners and other materials available for short-term sign-out. Email

Digital Signage Powerpoint Slide

Digital Signage

Templates are available in 4 sizes: 4:3 (horizontal), 

16:9 (horizontal), 3:4 (vertical), and 9:16 (vertical), 

depending on the size of your screen.

Download digital signage templates.