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Upon retirement, the computer that the college supplies full-time faculty should be returned to A&S Computing Services.  Any computers that were purchased through grant or research funds should be returned to the department for reuse.  The college does not provide computer equipment to retired and emeritus faculty members.  Some departments provide an office for emeritus faculty and that office may have a used computer in it.  Computers are not provided to individual emeritus faculty.

Buying a computer with personal funds

A&S Computing will consult with retired or emeritus faculty regarding purchase of a personally owned computer for their retirement.  

A&S Computing will assist the faculty member in the basic setup of one computer

                Operating system will be installed with whatever version of the OS is licensed for that computer, and the computer will be configured to apply security updates

                Microsoft Office installation, and configuration of email

                Migration of any of the faculty member’s data that is allowed by SU policy

After the initial setup, no additional support will be provided since it is a personally owned system.

Buying a computer with grant funds

There are very rare occasions where an emeritus faculty member may be a PI on a grant that allows purchasing a computer.  In that situation, A&S Computing will support the use of, at most, one university-owned computer purchased using faculty member’s grant funds.  That support includes:

                Keeping the Operating System up to date

                Keeping Microsoft Office up to date

                Keeping managed software that the retired / emeritus faculty member is licensed for up to date (these contracts are beyond our control, and many only include active employees in the license).

                Any software that the retired / emeritus faculty member is no longer licensed for will be removed upon retirement.

                The computer will be supported at most until six years from its date of purchase, at which time it will be returned to A&S Computing for proper disposal.

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