If you are off campus make sure OpenVPN is connected. OpenVPN Connect is automatically installed on SU Managed Macs. If you are on campus skip to step 2.

  1. Connect or verify OpenVPN is connected.
    1. The icon on the menu bar should have a green dot informing you it's connected.
    2. If you don't have the icon in the menu bar, find OpenVPN Connect alias in your Macintosh HD/Applications folder and click it to open.


        c. If you see a red or a yellow dot, click the icon and click Connect. The dot should turn green


         2. Click on NoMad icon in your toolbar (the triangle) and choose Sign In. If there's already a check mark in the triangle, skip to Step 4.


         3. When prompted, enter your NetID and password

        4. Once the checkmark appears in the middle of the triangle icon, click on the icon and choose File Servers.

         5. Click on G_Drive and a Finder window will appear and you will be connected to the G drive.

         6. If the G Drive isn't showing in Finder but there's a checkmark in the NoMad icon, click the NoMad icon, click Quit at the bottom of the menu. NoMad will automatically start again and sign in. G Drive will be re-mounted.

If you have any questions or problems, please email consult@cas.syr.edu.

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