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In some situations, instructors with a HIPAA Zoom account will wish to change this account to be associated with another email address to utilize the non-HIPAA Zoom with their, in order to be able to use Zoom for teaching and Blackboard integration. 

This process needs to be initiated by a request to ITS. Please send an email to, as we will need to make this request on your behalf. When the request is made, you will be notified by ITS that they have initiated the process to get this done.

The following is what you can expect and the steps you need to follow to confirm and complete this process:

  1. ITS changes the email address associated with the instance from to
    *Please note that will be associated with your SU Google Account.

  2. Once ITS receives this request and a confirmation from you that you would like to move forward, you will receive an email from Zoom to your account. Click on "Confirm and Continue" in the body of the email.
    Email to confirm change Zoom email sign-in

  3. Next log into your G-Suite email by visiting and look for an email from Zoom. Click "Confirm Change".
    Email to G suite to confirm change

  4. Next visit

  5. Click "SIGN IN" in the upper right hand corner.
    Sign-in to

  6. Under the Sign In section is ---"Or Sign in with" --- with 3 buttons SSO, Google, or Facebook. Click the Google Button.

  7. In the box for Email or phone, enter your and press "Next".

  8. Enter your NetID and password when presented with the Syracuse University NetID and Password prompt on the next screen. Click "Log In".
    Enter your NetID and password to finish logging into SU's Google Apps

  9. You will be asked to enter or confirm your DOB.

  10. Press the "Create Account" button to confirm the creation of the new account.

  11. This will have successfully completed the change over from using to for your HIPAA Zoom account.

  12. To make adding the as a new account in the normal instance of Zoom easier, click the square in the upper right hand corner and click "SIGN OUT"
    Click on square in upper right to sign out of HIPAA Zoom

  13. To add as a separate, new non-HIPAA Zoom account. Visit

  14. Click "Login to SU Zoom Account".
    Click on Login to SU Zoom Account

  15. Click "Sign in".
    Click on Sign in next Configure your account

  16. Enter your NetID and password into the Syracuse University NetID and Password window. Click "Log In". This should automatically create your account using your email within Zoom.
    Enter your NetID and Password

Notes: When logging into HIPAA Zoom, use the Google button to use your account. When logging into regular Zoom, use the SSO and enter the domain "syracuseuniversity" to login using your regular

                 You will NOT receive these emails if you have not requested this. If for any reason you have received an email to confirm any type of change to your Zoom account and you did not request it, please email to report it. 

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