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Local department news is entered into our new CMS system as blog posts.  

Step-by-step guide

We do need the following fields submitted.  Note that some of these fields are required.

    • Title (required):
    • Summary (required): 1 or 2 short sentences.
      • This summary appears in the news listing on the home page. It should be just long enough to tease the visitor to "read more" and only appears on the listing pages. 
    • Teaser Image (optional): frequently a portrait picture.  If that image is already in use in our CMS, please provide the url.
      • This teaser image appears in the news listing on the home page, as well as on the blog post page itself.
    • Post Date (required): if a specific future date is not indicated, the date of entry will be used.  Note that blog entries are indexed based on this field.
    • Tags (optional): Note - if your department is not currently using specific tags, leave this field empty.
    • Author (optional):
    • Body (required): This can be supplied as an attachment if the post is long.  Include directly on the form if the post is short.  We can use headings, paragraphs, pull quotes, Images (with captions), galleries, and embedded video in the body section. The body section should be at least 150 words, though 250-350 words or 900-1200 words are ideal.

  1. PLEASE NOTE: If you're writing a blog post about another news article, such as something posted on SU News or another website, the Body of your post should be significantly different than that to which you are linking. Google does identify plagiarism online and penalizes sites that plagiarize content. 


Use our Contact form to submit the blog entry information.