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The Arts & Sciences (A&S) communications team is dedicated to the effective promotion of the University’s largest, most academically diverse college. We are strategists and storytellers who believe our work contributes to a better world through our students and faculty. Drawing on best practices and data-driven insights, we develop, promote and maintain content supporting the college’s Academic Strategic Plan (PDF).

Updates for A&S Departments
  • University branding. More assets and resources are constantly being made available, so keep checking the Division of Marketing's Answers page for templates, information and other guidance.
  • Questions and communications requests. To submit news tips or marketing and communications questions, please use our team's contact form. Thank you!
How we can help

Questions about PDF accessibility? Need the best dimensions for a social media image? Answers to these questions and others are available on our Resources page.

Get in touch to discuss a web project, share great news or ask about communications strategies.

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