*The following directions are to connect an Arts and Sciences managed printer to a personally-owned Macintosh computer connected to the SU network via AirOrangeX.

*Please verify that you have installed the driver of the corresponding printer before adding the printer in System Preferences.


1. Under System Preferences, Printers & Scanners click on the plus button. You may need to unlock the Preference Pane.

 Printers and Scanners System Preferences Pane

2. From the Add Printer window right-click on the top title area (anywhere with open grey space) and select Customize Toolbar...

Customize Toolbar in Printers and Scanners System Preferences Pane

Drag the Advanced (round gear) icon up to the Add Printer title bar. It should then look like:

Customize Toolbar in Printers and Scanners System Preferences Pane

3. Click on the Advanced item.

4. Change the Type to Windows printer via spools, enter the URL of the windows print queue, change the Name to match the queue, and enter the room number in the location. You can find the printer name labeled on the actual printer. Example: as-prq.ad.syr.edu/AS-BIO-LSC-108

5. Under Choose a Driver or Printer Model, Select Printer Software...

Choose the Printer Software 

Find your printer model, hit OK. 

Click Configure if prompted and setup and optional settings (extra trays, duplex, memory, etc.). Once you hit OK your printer should be installed.

6. When you print for the first time to a SU printer, you will be prompted to authenticate. In the name field please enter AD\netid without the quotes then your password. 

You are now ready to print!

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