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Who needs this?

Some groups in A&S create data that must be secured more heavily due to HIPAA regulations. We restrict remote access to a limited group of users in the departments below. The A&S Computer Services Group must add your user object to the "as-ts-hipaa-remoters" group.

  • The Gebbie Clinic
  • Psychological Service Center

If you are connecting from a Windows computer

Download SURA to your Computer once and Save it in a place you can find it.

    • Go to the to download the SURA utility.
    • Choose the download tab and download SURA.
    • When prompted, save the sura.exe file to a location you will be able to easily find again on your local computer (such as your desktop or documents folder).
    • There is more information about SURA on the help tab.

      SURA Web Site

Launch SURA and connect VPN

  • Double-click on the SURA.exe file.
  • Enter your SU NetID username and password in the appropriate fields
  • Click Connect.

    SURA Launch image

Use Remote Desktop to connect to your office computer

  • Enter the in the Computer field in the Remote Desktop section of SURA
  • Press Connect

  • Enter your email address in the user name field, your NetID password in the password field
  • Press OK

    Credentianls dialog

  • You will be warned that "The certificate is not from a trusted certifying authority".
  • Click Yes

    Certificate not trusted warning

If you are connecting from a Mac computer

  • You will need to connect to SU's VPN, then you can use Microsoft Remote Desktop to control your office computer.
  • Make sure you are running the current version of Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD), available from the App Store. It is free to download and use.
  • Instructions for downloading and installing the VPN are here:
  • Create a new session in MRD using the image below as a template.
  • The PC name is

Remote Desktop Dialog

  • Connection name is a name meaningful to you.
  • Username is your email address.
  • Password is your NetID password.

Once you create it click the red button in the top left to save it, then double-click the session to start it.