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The A&S Communications team is strategically focused on work that advances the College as a whole. We support the work of individual College departments through guidance, recommendations, self-serve resources and referrals.


"Contact" is a web based form for use by Arts and Sciences personnel wishing to contact the A&S Communications team for those issues related to our web pages, social media, news, etc.  The form keys into Orange Tracker (OT) which is based in Atlassian's Jira.  

Accessibility Resources

Accessibility standards ensure that everyone can effectively use the materials we make available regardless of any situational, temporary, or permanent disabilities. All materials produced and distributed online must meet accessibility standards.

Brand Guidelines

To make its One University vision a reality, Syracuse University updated its brand in summer 2020. Now, it is up to us in every school, college, department or unit to help support this vision by following the brand guidelines and using the new brand assets available to us.

Department News (Blog) Posts

News specifically for your department home page (as opposed to Arts and Sciences or Syracuse University news) are entered as blog posts. Please read our 'How-To' page for the information we need before we can post. 

Department E-Newsletters

Read these tips to get started  on your department e-newsletters to alumni or to internal audiences.

Department Events and the University Community Calendar

Please visit our 'How-To' for instructions on submitting Events to the Community Calendar and specific instructions to get that event to show on a Department home page.

G Suite at Syracuse University

Your SU Google account should be To activate or use your SU Google account simply navigate to any of the supported Google services and enter your full SU Google account in the Email/Username (, leave the password field blank and click the Sign-In button. 

Course Descriptions via Google Sheets

Some Arts and Sciences academic departments and interdisciplinary programs display semester course offerings.  We provide a 'How-To' document with instructions for setting up this feature.


MediaValet will now be the primary system to access edited photos and downloadable videos (such as SU stock footage and B-Roll) that you can utilize in your marketing materials. More details on using MediaValet can be found here on Answers.

Paper Signage

Paper signs, posters, flyers, and brochures, such as those advertising lectures or classes designed and printed on a normal printer by a department to be hung on a bulletin board, should adhere to Syracuse University's brand guidelines. The Office of Communications provides free, brand compliant and accessible templates for your use.

Syracuse University has bulletin boards strategically placed in buildings throughout campus. “General use” bulletin boards are located in designated public spaces and promote campus-wide events, activities and announcements, while bulletin boards in close proximity to academic departments and programs are for use by those units only. Posters and paper signage that are outdated or affixed to doors and walls are subject to removal.

Photo Services

The Office of Communications maintains departments’ web pages, including the staff listings. For that reason, new faculty and staff should contact the University’s central marketing office. The studio is located at the Nancy Cantor Warehouse in downtown Syracuse. Please bring your SU ID with you. Let them know you are with the College of Arts and Sciences, and have them cc: Mike Cheatham ( when they send your final portrait image.

Profiles (New and Existing)

Arts and Sciences maintains profiles for faculty, staff, postdoctoral researchers,  and graduate students. Please read our 'How-To' page for the information we need to create or edit an existing profile. 

Social Media Resources

Having a social media presence is crucial if you want to stay visible to current students, prospective students and their parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends. Platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. All of these are great for sharing brief, timely updates and engaging with followers.

Interested in running social media for your department? Check out our social media guide.

Catch the latest posts, photos, news, and much more by following A&S on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube.

Submitting a News Story Idea

Have news you would like the A&S Communications team to write about? Follow our step-by-step directions for submitting a story idea for potential coverage.

Syracuse University Editorial Style Guide

The Syracuse University Editorial Style Guide was compiled for those who write and edit Syracuse University communications, marketing collateral, content and publications, both online and print, centrally and in the schools, colleges, and academic and administrative units.


Use the following templates for brochures, booklets (such as for course descriptions), or event flyers (e.g, 8.5 x 11" color printout advertising a special departmental event).

Note that while these templates encourage best practices and accessibility, it is the department's responsibility to perform a final check. See the accessibility section for information on checking document accessibility.


Video Editing Guidelines

Give your video/recorded webinar some polish with these helpful editing hints and resources.

Virtual Recording Tips

Find a list of tips and tricks to ensure that you are camera-ready for your next Zoom or Microsoft Teams virtual meeting. 

Wallpapers and Virtual Backgrounds

Find a selection of picturesque desktop and Zoom backgrounds on our wallpapers and virtual backgrounds page.


We've compiled a guideline / reference book for working with the University's Cobalt theme in Expressions:

More resources for those with Research Lab sites on Wordpress/Expressions:

Archival Material

Arts and Sciences 150th Anniversary

The College of Arts and Sciences is founding and foundational—it was the University’s first college and today continues to be a part of every undergraduate's experience through its liberal arts core classes. In the 2020-21 academic year, the A&S family celebrated 150 extraordinary years of empowering students to think freely, act ethically and live decisively. View an archive of resources made available during A&S’ sesquicentennial.