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Event listings on academic department websites within the Arts and Sciences use the Syracuse University community calendar for events. Anyone with a Syracuse University NetId and password can submit events through the Community Calendar.  All events are reviewed by A&S Communications upon submission.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Add the event to the University's Events Calendar – it's usually the best way to make sure an event gets publicized. 
  2. Before starting make sure you know the following:
    1. Event title (60 characters or less)
    2. Event description
    3. Event Date
    4. Event start and end time
    5. Registration link (if applicable)
    6. Website link for additional information (if applicable).  The calendar listing usually serves this purpose.
    7. Location (building and room number)
    8. Event contact name and email in your organization
    9. Event cost (if applicable)
    10. Intended audience
  3. Fill out the form found by using the "Submit an event" button on 
  4. Make sure to select the College of Arts and Sciences as your Group, and CAS-Department of Your Department as your Organizer – this will ensure the event appears in the Events area on Your Department site.