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Common topics regarding Blackboard access.

Blackboard Account Creation

Once a student registers for a course that is using Blackboard, a student account is automatically set up, and the student is enrolled in the appropriate course(s). Users log in to Blackboard with the same NetID and password used to login to MySlice.

Forgot NetID or Password?

If you do not know your NetID and/or password, visit the NetID Services page to obtain this information. If you need further assistance, please call the ITS Service Center at 315-443-2677.

You will not be able to enter the Blackboard environment until you have obtained this information. It is the student's responsibility to obtain his/her NetID username and password.

Don't have your e-mail address?

Syracuse University will use your e-mail address to communicate important information about the Blackboard system to you (e.g., server information such as downtimes, scheduled maintenance, etc.). It is, therefore, very important that you check this e-mail on a regular basis.

If you prefer to use a different e-mail address other than your, you must have your e-mail redirected to your preferred account. To redirect an SUmail account, follow the instructions on the Email Redirect Page.

It is the student's responsibility to redirect his/her e-mail. If this is not done, you will not receive important information.

Can't find your course?

Courses are only visible to students in Blackboard after they have been made available by the instructor. In order for students to see and access current and previous courses in Blackboard, instructors will need to make them available.

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