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Accessing Poll Everywhere via Blackboard 

Important Note

Poll Everywhere is a stand alone  web-based response tool like Point Solutions (formerly known as Turning Point) and is not a Blackboard tool.  Therefore, to synch your course roster and push results from Poll Everywhere activities into  Blackboard grade book, you must access the Poll Everywhere link via Blackboard as shown below.

Step 1

To access the Poll Everywhere link on Blackboard, log in to Blackboard and you will see the Poll Everywhere link under Course Content within the Content section. 

Image shows two orange arrows with one pointing at Course Content header and the other at Poll Everywhere LTI on the Course Content page in Blackboard Ultra.

Step 1

Select Add Content on your Course Content Page

Image showing Course Content page with Add Content button.

Step 2

Select Content Market from the drop-down menu. 

Image showing Content Market on drop-down link after clicking Add Content button.

Step 3

Scroll through the cards on the Content Market page until you see the Poll Everywhere card. Click directly on the circled plus sign to add Poll Everywhere on your Course Content page. Clicking on the card itself will lead you to Poll Everywhere.

Image showing Poll Everywhere Card in Content Market with Circled Plus sign.

Step 4

When you are back on your Course Content page you will see the Poll Everywhere link situated there.  If you have multiple courses and would like to use Poll Everywhere for each of them, this series of action is required for each course. 

Image showing Poll Everywhere link on Course Content page.

Step 2

Clicking on the Poll Everywhere link directly brings you to the Poll Everywhere platform for login access. Click on the blue Continue to button. 

Image showing Poll Everywhere page with the Continue to

Step 3

In this step you should see the course name alongside your Net ID. On the far left-side of the page you will select the 'Home' tab (as noted by the orange arrow in image below).

Image showing Course Page in Poll Everywhere with Add Gradebook and Sync Roster links.

Related Action

To synch or re-synch your Blackboard roster to Poll Everywhere visit Synch and Re-synch Blackboard Roster for instructions. 

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