Topic Overview

The Content Collection can be used to manage all the content in your course. From here you will be able to follow the steps below to add multiple files to your course.


  1. Go to Control Panel > Content Collection > "Course ID".

    content collection

  2. Click on Upload > Upload Files.

    content collection upload menu

  3. You will go to a page with an area of the screen that you can drag and drop a folder into.

    content collection upload page

  4. After dragging the folder into the upload area, the files in the folder are listed there. If you want to remove any of the files before uploading you can do that before uploading the folder to your course content manager.

    files ready to upload

  5. Once the files are uploaded into the course content folder, you can then decide what content area you would like to put the files into. Files that are put into the course content folder are not available to students until you add the files to the appropriate content area.

  6. The course content manager offers details about each piece of content listed there. Click on the contextual menus next to each content item for a number of links related to the item.

    action menu for file in content collection

  7. To efficiently manage updates to your files over time, you can replace the same named item with a more recent copy from your hard drive and the file will be updated any place in your course that you have made reference to the file. The content manager serves a single point of reference for the content that has been deployed in your course.

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