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There are several ways to add a PowerPoint file to Blackboard.  This page will show you three options to share a PowerPoint to Blackboard.


  • Adding the PowerPoint as an attachment to an Item 

    This option is quick and easy but it requires the student to download the PowerPoint to their device to view it.

    In a Content area, select the Build Content Tab, then select Item from the Dropdown

    In the Item, add a Name (required) and it is suggested you add a description for what the PowerPoint is.

    Create Item PowerPoint

    In the Browse section, you can select Browse Content to look through folders and find your PowerPoint or you can drag the PowerPoint from your computer into the dashed line box. If you have uploaded to Blackboard's Content area, you can retrieve it from there or you can search your different Cloud storages to upload it (Box, Dropbox, One-drive, and Google Drive)

    Once the file has been uploaded and attached, you can rename the file for the students.

    You can change the availability of when students can see the Item in the Standards Options area if you want.

    Then select Submit

    Students will now see the Item with your description and file to download.

  • Adding the PowerPoint to SlideShare and embedding it into Blackboard

    * SlideShare is available through

    * If you have audio, video, animation, or live links, this method will break them and turn it into just an image 

    You can Login with your Linkedin account or you can set up an account to access your profile.

    Once you enter your account, you can select Upload your PowerPoint project

In the Upload a File screen, you can choose to Browse for a file, drag and drop it in, or go to a connected cloud drive and bring it in. (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, One-drive, Gmail)

    • Notice, you can upload all different files to embed in Blackboard (PDF, Images, etc.)

Once the file is uploaded, you can edit your Title and Description. (All options are mandatory to be able to be published)

In Category, you can select what type of presentation this is.

In Privacy, you can select how you want it shared. If you make it Limited, you can change the settings later to allow who sees it. 

* Best to make it public to start then adjust settings

Select Publish

In the Published menu, select Share to get the link or Embed code to place it on Blackboard

You can copy the link and place it in Blackboard to SlideShare or you can grab the embed code and embed the PowerPoint right into Blackboard itself.

If you select Embed, you can change the settings to the size and start point if you would like.

Check out the steps to embed this into Blackboard (Start with step #3)

  • How to Export a PowerPoint as a Video 

*If you have a voice-over on slides or have inserted a video into a slide on PowerPoint, the best option for showing this to students is to export it as a video and Embed it into Blackboard.

Once you have all of your media set, you can go to File and then select Export.

In the Export Settings, Name the file and change its location to where you want the video to be saved. Under File Format, change it from PDF to MP4.

You will then see the default settings for your video, if you have any slides without audio or video attached, you can change the duration of that slide appearing in the video here.

 When your settings are the way you want them, select Export.

At the bottom of the PowerPoint screen, you will see your file exporting. (do not close PowerPoint).

Once it is ready, you can find it in your Folder.

You can now upload this to your Ensemble, Youtube, or Vimeo account to embed in Blackboard.

Sources and Relevant Links

Microsoft's tutorial to turn PowerPoints into Videos

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