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Add a Web Link to the Course Menu. When users select this area in the Course Menu, they will automatically be taken to the URL linked to this area.


  1. Open a Content Area in the course.

  2. Confirm that Edit Mode is turned ON.

  3. Select Web Link from the Build Content drop-down list.

    Build Content Menu

  4. Enter in the Weblink name and the URL.

    Create Weblink

  5. A Text box is available to include a description of the weblink or any other information you'd like to add.
    Textbox Editor
  6.  You can also opt to add an attachment from your local computer files, Blackboard content collection, or cloud service.
    Attachment menu
  7. Customize options as needed. Select Yes to Open in a New Window. 
    This is recommended so that students can easily come back to your Blackboard Course

    Web Link Options

  8. If desired, you can modify the availability settings, including Display After/Until restrictions.
    Availability Options Menu
  9. Click Submit. The weblink will appear in the content area and will display any descriptive text and attachments, as shown below. Clicking the weblink title will open a new window to the linked URL.
    Weblink item

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Adding a URL