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Topic Overview

An item is any type of file, text, image or link which is displayable to students.


  1. Enter the course and ensure Edit Mode is On (the Edit Mode switch is in the upper right corner of the page).
  2. Enter the content area where the item is to be placed by clicking on that area in the course menu.
  3. Hover over the Build Content menu and select Item.

    image of Build Content button

  4. Enter a Name for the item (required) and a Description (optional).

    image of content information pop up

  5. Under Attachment, use the Browse My Computer or Browse Course Files button to add a file attachment as desired.

    image of Attachments section of item properties window

  6. Under Options
    1. Select Yes or No for Permit Users to View Content Item. In order for students to access the item, Yes must be selected.
    2. Select Yes or No for Track Number of Views.
    3. Select Date and Time Restrictions as desired.
  7. Click Submit when finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Creating an Item and Creating a File?

While nearly the same outcome can be accomplished with either content type, “Create File” can only be used for file uploading/file linking; a description and alternate name cannot be included. When “Create Item” is used, the Visual Text Box editor is displayed (where new text and/or HTML can be included) and if a file is attached, a different name for it may be included, as well. Below is an example of both types of content.

image showing both a file link and a Blackboard item