Archiving Courses

ITS maintains archival copies of all past Blackboard courses on our server. Instructors are able to access their past courses for as long as they are affiliated with Syracuse University and have an active NetID/password. To access an archived course, use the search box at the top of your course list on your Blackboard homepage, or use the left/right arrow buttons to navigate between semesters. 

Blackboard course list with search box circled

Student Access to Archived Courses

Instructors can grant former students access to an archived course at their discretion, for the purposes of resolving an incomplete, accessing copies of their submitted work, etc. Students seeking access to an archived course from a prior term should first contact the instructor, or if the instructor cannot be reached, the current department chair. 

Exporting a Course

Instructors can export the contents of a Blackboard course and package it into a .zip file for storage outside the SU Blackboard server, or for the purposes of transferring their course materials to a new institution's LMS. Please note that in the latter case, SU ITS can only assist in providing the course package .zip file - you will need to rely on IT support at your new institution in order to import the contents into the new LMS. 

To export a course, open the meatball menu (...) at the upper right of the Course Content area, then select "Export Course Package" and follow the prompts. 

Export Course Package in the course content bulk actions menu

Requesting a Course Package

Former instructors who no longer have a NetID or access to the SU Blackboard server can request a copy of their course export package by emailing Please note that only the instructor of record for a course can make this request - former TA's, unofficial co-instructors, curriculum coordinators, etc. must have the written permission of the instructor of record in order to request a course package copy.