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Description of Assignment settings available to instructors in Blackboard.

Assignment Settings

  • Attach a file
  • Due Date
    • All assignments can be submitted after the due date, they will just be marked as late and the instructor can decide how to proceed with grading
  • Grading – Assign points possible
    • You must assign a point value to the assignment
    • You can change the grading format to alphanumeric or a variety of other formats by editing the properties of the assignment in the Grade Center after the assignment has been fully created
    • If you want an assignment to be simply participatory, you will need to still initially assign a numerical grade and then adjust the grade settings in the grade center.
    • Optionally, you can associate a Rubric to use when grading the assignment.
    • Submission Details
      • You can make the assignment individual (all students submit individually), or a group assignment.
      • Specify the Number of Attempts you'd like to give students to submit.
    • Grading Options
      • Anonymous Grading - Student names are hidden during the grading process.
      • Delegated Grading - Delegate grading responsibilities to one or more additional grader.
    • Display of Grades
      • Specify how you would like grades displayed.
  • Availability
    • Assignments are available by default
    • Number of attempts: Single, unlimited, set number
      • Default is single attempt
    • Limit availability dates: Display After and Display Until
      • If a Display Until date is entered in, on this date, the link to the item will be removed, disabling students from access the assignment
      • After the Display Until date, the instructor can change this date to allow late assignments
    • Track number of views

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