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Instructors can now fix problematic questions by simply editing the invalid question directly and having all necessary updates flow automatically to the Grade Center. For any given question, Blackboard now allows instructors to drop, give full credit, change point value, or change the correct answer. After the question has been updated, Blackboard recalculates the score of all submitted assessments that included the updated question, reflects the updates in the Grade Center, and provides notification to both the instructor and optionally to the students for all impacted submissions.


Make Changes to a Test which has already been Given (multiple questions)

  1. Go to the Grade Center.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the title of column title for the test and click on Edit Test. (As an option, you can also click on the edit option next to the deployed test in a content area.) You will have the ability to make changes to more than one question when accessing the title of the test at the top of the column
    Edit Test Menu Option      OR    Edit Test Menu Option
  3. At the top of the test page, a message appears to highlight the number of attempts for the test
    Summary of Test Attempts Made by Students
  4. After the summary of the test which includes a description, instructions, total questions, total points and number of attempts you will notice the new buttons which allow to regrade multiple questions at once. You can use the check-box to select multiple questions and then choose to delete or change the number of points associated with the "checked" questions and to recalculate scores based on your changes.
    Select Questions to Change, Change Points
  5. If you click inside of the point value box for a specific question, you can allow for full-credit to be given for the answer to all submissions. You can also identify a question as Extra Credit.

    Change Question to Extra Credit
  6. You can Give Full Credit for all test submissions for the question you are viewing. Subsequent submissions are given full credit as well. After giving full credit, you can Remove Full Credit to revert to the automatic grade or to a previously entered manual grade.
    1. In the Grade Center, click a test's Action Link in the column heading to access the contextual menu and select Grade Questions. OR:
    2. On the Needs Grading page, click a test's Action Link to access the contextual menu and select Grade by Question.
      1. On the Grade Questions page, you can filter the questions by status: GradedNeeds Grading, or In Progress. You may also select the checkbox for Grade Responses Anonymously, if needed.
      2. For each question, click the number in the Responses column.
      3. On the Grade Responses page, expand the Question Information link to view the question.
      4. Click Give Full Credit to assign full credit for the question.
      5. If full credit has already been assigned and you want to remove it, click Remove Full Credit. The question reverts to the automatic grade or a previously entered manual grade.
      6. Click Back to Questions to return to the Grade Questions page.

Single Item Editing

If you click on the arrow associated with a single question, you will now see a new menu item "Delete and Regrade" if you want to throw a question out of the calculations.

  1. If you want to change the correct answer of a single question or the point value of an item, just click on the edit link and make the change to the questions. You will notice at the top of the screen a banner message which highlights the fact that the questions has been answered by a specific number of users/attempts:
    Edit Single Question Menu Option
    Number of Attempts for Selected Question
  2. After making the changes, click Submit and Update Attempts
  3. You will be greeted with the following message in order to confirm the fact that this will "regrade" results for the attempts
    Confirmation of Attempts to be Regraded
  4. The new results will now be reflected in the students' scores

Sources and Relevant Links

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