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What is it?

Blackboard Analytics for Learn combines extensive data from Blackboard with student and course attributes from our student information system (SIS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to create comprehensive reports and dashboards for our students, instructors, staff, and leadership.

Note: Course Analytics does not work in a merged course

Instructor Reports

  1. Course At-a-Glance
    This report compares the course that you are logged into against other courses in the same department.
    Course At a Glance Report

  2. Activity and Grade Scatter Plot
    This report plots the distribution of student activity against their grades in this course.
    Activity and Grade Scatter Plot Report

  3. Activity Matrix
    This report shows a visual representation of student activity in the course.
    Activity Matrix Report

  4. Course Submission Summary
    This report shows a summary of user submissions for this course
    Course Submission Summary Report

Student Reports

  1. Activity Compared to Others
    This report compares your activity to that of your peers
    Activity Compared to Others Report

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Additional Help Reports - PDF's - Click on name of report to access

Course At a Glance

Activity and Grade Scatter Plot

Activity Matrix

Integrated Course Submission Summary

Your Activity Compared to the Course Average