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Log into Blackboard.

Scroll to Course Management - Control Panel

Click on Evaluation to expand menu

Click on Course Analytics 

Control Panel Menu - Evaluation Menu

Click on the name of the report. 

Course Analytics Report Menu

Or hover the mouse over the name of a report to show the drop down arrow.  Click Run.

Run Report Menu Option

If instructors make the course analytics available to students, the students can access the Student Report through the Tools menu button.

Tools Menu For Course

Or instructors can create an access point for students in the menu list by creating a tool link.

Click on plus sign in the top left hand corner above the menu buttons. Select Tool Link from the selection.

Add Tool Link to Course Menu

Provide a name for the menu button i.e.  Student Course Reports and select Course Analytics (Student Report) for the Type.

Add Tool Link - Course Analytics

The new menu buttons will default to the bottom of the menu buttons but you can re-order the menu buttons.

New Student Course Menu Option

Blackboard Original Course View

Blackboard Analytics

Blackboard Analytics - Student Reports

Blackboard Analytics - Course At-a-Glance

Blackboard Analytics - Activity and Grade Scatter Plot

Blackboard Analytics - Activity Matrix

Blackboard Analytics - Course Submission Summary

Blackboard Analytics - Activity Compared to Others