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Blackboard App is a simple, easy to use, and enjoyable mobile learning app for the on the go goal-oriented learner.

The Blackboard App is compatible with the following operating systems:

iOS 11+
Android 5+* Windows no longer supported

You can download the Blackboard App for iPhone from the iTunes store by clicking here

You can download the Blackboard App for Android from the Google Play store by clicking here

*The Windows version of the Blackboard app is no longer supported and was removed from the Microsoft Store on December 31, 2019.

Mobile Phone Information 

Hand Held DeviceWiFiSprint Carrier NetworkVerizon Carrier NetworkAT&T Carrier Network



1. Launch the Blackboard App

Blackboard App Icon

2.   Type Syracuse University into the "Type your school's name" field.   Select Syracuse University Courses

School Search Screen

3.  Click Web Login

4. You will be taken to the Syracuse University Blackboard login page

Syracuse University Blackboard Screen Log-in

5. Select SU NetID Login

6. Type in your Username and Password

Syracuse University Netid Login

7. The home screen is the Activity Stream that represents a "smart view" of prioritized events and actions and pushes content to the student

Activity Stream Access Menu

8. Click the top left icon to navigate and access Organizations (iOS only), Courses, Grades, and Due Dates

Activity Stream Access Menu

Activity Stream Access Menu

For more information on the Blackboard App, watch the videos below:

Introducing the Blackboard App


The Blackboard App Tour

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