Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Ultra 

  • Enter your course 
  • If the instructor or leader has not created a menu button linking to the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool - Click the Tools menu button 

Tools Button

  • Click Blackboard Collaborate Ultra 

Collaborate Ultra Link

  • Click the name of the room.  i.e. Lectures.  

Collaborate Session

  • Click Join Session

Join Course Room

  • Click the purple button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to expand the panel.

Collaborate Menu

  • You will see the chat pod, attendees list, (if the instructor or leader has allowed for students and participants to share content), share content option

Collaborate Chat

  • Go to settings and set up your camera and microphone.

Set up camera and mic

  • After setting up your audio and camera, go to the bottom-middle of your screen and enable your mic and camera.

Enable Mic and camera

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