Blackboard Integrations

There are a number of tools integrated with the Syracuse University Blackboard system in a variety of status. This article provides an overview of the tools available with information about how to find support for each. Integrations are installed and maintained by Online Learning Services with support from the Academic Applications and Platforms group. 

ITS Licensed or Supported Integrations

Some integrations are licensed or supported by ITS. Online Learning Services supports users in the use of these tools and administrates them in partnership with Academic Applications and Platforms. For help with these tools please contact visit the ITS Service Center, email, or call 315-443-2677.

Class Collaborate

Google Assignments


LinkedIn Learning





Partnership Integrations

These integrations are installed in the Blackboard system in a partnership with other units on campus. ITS makes them available in Blackboard for the convenience of the campus community, but primary support for the tool lives with the unit that requested their installation. Contact information for support of each tool is available by following the link.

Course Feedback



Orange Instant Access

Orange SUccess

Syracuse University Libraries Research Guides

Vendor and Courtesy Integrations 

Some integrations are installed at the request of campus users to provide easier access to a tool for instructors or students, to provide roster information to a tool, or integrate with the Blackboard Gradebook including a variety of publisher and textbook tools. Online Learning Services installs and maintains these integrations to the best of their ability, but these tools are unsupported by ITS. For support, the user should contact the vendor directly. Some configuration details are provided below on the status and degree of integration that the vendor may need to know to support tool users. 

Vendor or Tool NameConfiguration StatusPlacement
AccepiLTI 1.3 globallyDeep linking content tool
BartlebyLTI 1.3None
CengagePartner Cloud — LTI 1.3 Course tool
Credo Learning ToolsLTI 1.1 None
DocuseekLTI 1.1 per linkNone
ElsevierLTI 1.1 globallyNone
GoPeerLTI 1.3None
Great RiverLTI 1.3Course content tool
Hypothes.isLTI 1.1 per linkNone
Infosec LearningLTI 1.1 globallyNone
Knight LabLTI 1.1 per linkNone
Lumen LearningLTI 1.1 globallyNone
MacmillanPartner Cloud IntegrationPartner Content, Content Market
McGraw Hill ALEKS ChemistryLTI 1.1 per linkCourse tool
McGraw-Hill ConnectLTI 1.3Deep Linking content tool
Nature4ClimateLTI 1.1 per linkNone
New York TimesLTI 1.1 per linkNone
Norton — ncia.wwnorton.comLTI 1.1 None
Norton — digtial.wwnorton.comLTI 1.1 None
Oxford Learning LinkLTI 1.1 globallyNone

Pearson Access

LTI 1.3

Course tool, Deep Linking content tool

PerusallLTI 1.1 globallyNone
PiazzaLTI 1.1 per linkNone
Practice LabsLTI 1.1Course content tool
RedShelfLTI 1.1 globallyCourse tool
SAGE VantageLTI 1.3Deep Linking content tool
Science ToolkitBuilding BlockCourse tool
SpotifyLTI 1.1 per linkNone
SUNY Open Learning InitativeLTI 1.1 globallyNone
TeveraLTI 1.1 per linkNone
Visible BodyLTI 1.1 globally and per linkNone
VistaLTI 1.1 per linkNone
WileyLTI 1.1 globallyDeep linking content tool, Course tool
zyBooksLTI 1.1 globallyNone

Integrating Unsupported Tools

Syracuse University's Blackboard system is configured to allow instructors to add unsupported tools if the vendor provides an LTI Integration. Ultra Course Instructors should follow Blackboard's instructions to

Add teaching tools with the LTI connection.
Original course instructors should follow the instructions for
Link to a tool provider.

Please note that instructors needing support for tools integrated with this method should consult the vendor. ITS doesn't provide support for the use of tools added to Blackboard in this fashion. 

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