Merge Course Enrollments Request

Multiple course sections can be merged into a single Blackboard shell to facilitate sharing course materials with students enrolled in different sections. 


Instructors who teach multiple sections of the same course may prefer to manage those sections through a single parent course with associated child courses. 

Please complete the Merge Course Enrollments Request Form to have your enrollments merged. 

The following information will be required:

  1. NetID
  2. Syracuse University or SUNY ESF Email Address
  3. Blackboard Course Name
  4. Blackboard Course ID (this is the Class Number in MySlice - Peoplesoft)

The course merge will be processed within 1 business day

Merging a Course with Another Instructor

If you want to merge a course with another instructor provide the following information, which we will use to verify their permission for the merge.

  1. Instructor(s) Syracuse University or SUNY ESF Email Address
  2. Blackboard Course Name
  3. Blackboard Course ID (this is the Class Number in MySlice - Peoplesoft)

Display of Merged Courses

As of July 2021, the display of merged courses has changed for students and instructors.


If your Blackboard course is merged by your instructor you will continue to see the Course Name and Course ID for the section where you are registered. You will still have full access to all of the contents of the merged version of the course.


When courses are merged, Blackboard creates a new course shell and funnels the enrollments from the contributing sections into the new "parent" course. The Grade Center of the merged course will display a column labelled "Child Course ID" that can help distinguish how students are registered. This column can be used to create Gradebook filters and Groups.

The merge process creates a new, empty "parent" course shell and adds all enrolled users from the "child" course sections to it. Course content from child courses is not copied and will have to backed up and rebuilt in the new parent course after the merge. We recommend completing your merge request before adding content to an upcoming course. 

Instructors will no longer have access to the "child" sections of the course. If you've previously created content in a contributing section that you need transferred to the new merged course, please contact or 315.443.2677 for assistance.

Merge Course Enrollment Form

To have your Blackboard course merged, please complete the Merge Course Enrollments Request Form


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