Blackboard Original Courses

Beginning Fall 2024, all Blackboard courses will be delivered in Ultra Course View, but you can start using it now. Please visit Answers for more information about Ultra Course View

Blackboard is the supported Learning Management System at Syracuse University. This page contains links to some common questions. More support documentation is available by browsing the links below or using using the menu to browse additional Answers' pages. 

Authorized users can access the Syracuse University Blackboard via the home page

WARNING - Original Course View Ends in 2024 

This page and all Answers pages linked below pertain to Blackboard Original course view, which was the standard format for courses created between 2003 - 2023 (including Spring '24 courses created in November/December of the 2023-24 academic year). 

Starting in 2024, ALL Blackboard courses will be created in the new Ultra Course View. See below for a comparison and links to resources on what to expect with Ultra. 

Older Blackboard courses created in original course view will still be accessible to instructors for archival purposes only. ITS offers support resources for copying and updating content from archived original courses into Ultra course view, but creating new content or enrolling students in original courses will no longer be supported after the 2023-24 academic year. 

Instructors are strongly encouraged to begin the process of converting their Blackboard course content to Ultra view before the end of support for original course view in summer 2024. 

Original Course View

You are using the original course view if the course menu appears on the left side of your window.  This menu is the cornerstone for all course content.  Select an item to open it and the content appears in the main window to the right of the course menu. Content modules and folders open in a new tab/window.

Screenshot of a course homepage in original course view

Ultra Course View

You are using the Ultra Course View if your instructor's name and picture appear in the content area. At the top of the page are navigation links to your course tools. Ultra courses have one course content page where all course materials are organized using modules and folders.  Content modules and folders open as layers within the same window.

Screenshot of a course homepage in Ultra course view