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Topic Overview

What is Blackboard Social Learning? The Blackboard Social Learning feature will help students keep better track of everything – especially their grades and it will help them build relationships with their classmates, teachers and others across their institution.

Getting Started

  1. The first time you log into Blackboard with the new social learning feature you will see a welcome message. You can complete your profile at this time or you can select "I'll do it later" and perform this configuration at a later time.
  2. You can set up a profile and link it to a social media account such as Facebook or Twitter.

  3. You will have to authorize access to your Facebook or Twitter account.

  4. Authorize Blackboard to your Facebook or Twitter account using your Facebook or Twitter username and password.

  5. The email address that you register your account with will be sent a verification email. You can use your Syracuse email address or Personal email address to register with Blackboard Social Learning.  This email configuration does not impact your email address associated with courses in Blackboard Learn.

  6. Verify your registration by clicking on the verification URL sent to your email.

  7. You will be taken back to Blackboard, where you will see an email verification.

  8. Now that your social learning feature has been activated in Blackboard you can edit your Blackboard profile. You can add an avatar, change how you want your name to appear, you can add your discipline.





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