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Navigation bar includes: Bb Home, Posts, Update, My Grades, Calendar, People, Messages, and Spaces

Navigation Bar

  • Profile Image: A profile is a reflection of how you want to present yourself to your peers, classmates, and instructors. In your Blackboard profile, you decide what you want to be called, what your academic interests are, and anything else you want to share with other users.
  • Bb Home: This page displays highlights of what is new since the user last accessed Blackboard.
  • Posts: This page displays recent post contributions to discussion boards, blogs, wikis, and journals in the courses and organization the user is enrolled in.
  • Updates: This page displays the notifications of what is happening in a user's course.  On the updates page, you can see notifications for every course and organization you are enrolled in.
  • My Grades:  Students can access the grades from all of their courses.
  • Calendar:  Students can access the events from all of their courses.
  • People:  The People tool within My Blackboard provides users the ability to connect with other users who have a profile. The People tool is opt-in.
  • Messages:  A new feature to facilitate user-to-user communication within Blackboard or across institutions.  This does not replace the Messages tool within courses.
  • Spaces:  A new feature to facilitate peer-to-peer learning by allowing any user to create a "Space" as needed for communication and collaboration within Blackboard or across institutions.

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